7 Way to Increase Female Participation in Golf

Female Participation in Golf

Did you know that only 24% of golfers in the United States are women? That’s a pretty low percentage, especially when you consider how much fun golf can be. So, how can we increase female participation in golf? With these seven methods, more women will discover the joys of playing this amazing game!

Vacations, Trips, Camps, and Lessons for Women

Often, young women are intimidated by the golf course, unsure of the proper etiquette, or just don’t have anyone to play with. That’s why golf camps and lessons specifically for women can be so helpful. These provide a great opportunity for women of all skill levels to learn and play in a comfortable and supportive environment – all-inclusive vacations Michigan can get the whole family involved.

Add Programs to Schools

One way to increase female participation in golf is to add the sport to school programs. This will introduce the game to young girls at an early age and allow them to try it out. Many schools offer after-school programs or intramurals, so this could be an effective way to get more girls interested in golf.

Encourage Courses to Run #inviteHER Campaigns

As the name suggests, the National Golf Foundation’s #inviteHER campaign is designed to encourage women to play golf. The initiative provides resources and support for courses that want to run their own campaigns. Eventually, this should get more women on the course and involved in the game.

Create a Women’s Day Event

Many of the best public golf courses in Michigan accommodate women well, but they could always do more. One way to increase female participation is by hosting a women’s day event. This would be an excellent opportunity to get new players out to the course and introduce them to the game; it would also be a fun way to get existing female members more involved as they become role models for those who don’t have the confidence to take the jump just yet.

Run Women-Focused Events and Promotions

While it’s important to have mixed events, it can be helpful to run women-focused events and promotions from time to time. This could be anything from a “ladies night” at the driving range to offering discounts on membership fees. By doing this, clubs can make it clear that their environment is welcoming to women and that they’re valued members.

Offer Discounts to Those Who Bring Friends

Referrals aid business growth in any industry, so it’s no surprise that they can help increase female participation in golf as well. If clubs offer discounts or other incentives to members who refer new women players, they’re more likely to see an uptick in sign-ups. The existing player benefits, the new player finds something they love, and the club grows – everybody wins.

Offer Discounted Lessons

Who doesn’t like to save money? Offering discounted or even free golf lessons will also lead to lots of new players – women or otherwise – to the game. It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run, as many of those new players will become dedicated customers.